the wasted youth


The photo you are seeing right now is the most beautiful being in the world, so you must bow to her. Just kidding! Yes that’s me alright. My name is Kyzia (kizaya) Aubrey, and yes I included there on how to pronounce my name coz all my life people don’t know how to say it right, I have OCD yah know.

I was born and raise in the the country of the South, precisely in the Philippines. The country where I’m from is amazing, totally amazing (of course what i mean are the good things, I really don’t have to mention the negative ones, LOL^-^v ) so if you have still time in your life, please visit Philippines.

I’m a New Year’s baby, yes, January 1 is when I celebrate my fucking birthday-where-I-don’t-really-feel-like-special-because-everyone-celebrates-it-for-a-holiday. But despite the fact that it’s like that I am still thankful that I was born.

My friend, despite being “the most beautiful being in the world” I am an awkward alien, a suicidal creature, a moody cat, the strongest typhoon, a brave heart, an intelligent brain, a fat molecule, the syntax error in the calculator, the waves of the ocean, the words in a poem,  the lover of the universe, and an invisible human (to my crush tho). And you’ll know me little by little by just reading my shitty blog 😉

please visit my tumblr account where i express myself through whatever posts i reblog:  WASTED YOUTH


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