the story of us



you saw me first walking that lane, you just pass me by without words but glazes in the eyes. i said “hi” but you just nod me goodbye. i really wasn’t planning on talking to you that day but there’s just something about you that seems so interesting that it got my eyes locked on you. you saw me looking at you so you came back and said “hello”. and of course being the fragile human that i am it made me smile knowing that i don’t have the power of invisibility. you smiled back because you knew. and that’s how it all began… the story of us.

we met again on the same lane but this time instead of passing me by you stop and said “hi”, it was like a natural reflexes when i respond “hello”. we talked for hours, for days, for weeks, for months until you told me something that makes me want to stop the time and just seize that moment. “i like you, specially your smile” by those words it kept me awake for i know it will be… the story of us.

 you told me i’m yours and you are mine. we look so happy together like those stories in fairy tales. you made me believe in forever and happy endings. these are the things that you made me realize that it could have a second chance. i no longer wish on shooting stars because you are a living proof that wishes do come true. and so i thought this would be… the story of us.

i saw you on a cafe sitting by the window, it made me blush because you were waiting for me. i opened the door but you didn’t saw me. as i walk towards you, you smiled but your eyes weren’t looking at me. i stop and saw another lady. i already know what’s going on when you leaned for a kiss on her lips. i didn’t cry but i was shocked for the happiness i’m feeling for that girl. she could make you smile like there’s no tomorrow. yes i was hurt but damn i really can’t find my tears for my broken heart. when i went outside it was raining and i forgot to bring my umbrella with me. as i feel the raindrops on my skin i said to myself “in movies its the best time to cry” and yes i did. oh darling i cried because i know that this is… the story of us.tumblr_nvshfiLBWK1u23hdjo1_500

i told you before that i hate promises but you made me believed in them again. only to find out that it got broken in your hands. i guess that’s what people do when they’re in love, they tend to be blinded. i’m not mad at you for cheating on me because i fully understand why and its because i understand that’s why i forgave you. i’m not mad, i’m just hurt there’s a difference on that. but one thing is for sure i can no longer love you like i did before. it made me wonder what i’m missing that you chose her over me, maybe its the way i dress because i always chose comfortable clothes than wearing whats trendy. or maybe because i only wear lip balm to avoid my lips from drying, i didn’t know you want girls who wears make-up that much. but one thing’s for sure, what we had is something i’ll still treasure for the rest of my life whether it was happy ending or not because for me it was… the story of us.

you saw me walking on that lane again, you just pass me by without words but glazes in the eyes. i looked at you but you just nod me goodbye. there were flashbacks on the day we met to all the things we did together, to the things we said we’d go through it together, to all the conversation we had and to all the dreams we told to the stars that we’d made them come true together. i stop, i looked back at you while you were walking away,  i smiled cause it hurt no more. because after all those stories that we’ve made so far, i can finally, no, we can finally write it’s ending and that is… the story of us.



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