Grant us O’ Lord that we may be one in mind, body and soul. On this day forward I sealed my lifetime spending with this man in front of me that is now my husband and will be the father of my children. I am so blessed when you let me find him on that fated day, I knew it was going to forever. We will walk on this earth, breathe the air that you’ve created and to love each other from this day forward but you will always be our center of love and worship. I will not promise to anything because I tend to broke, so what I’ll do is to do things in actions and not through words. Lord I really can’t wait for the day that I’ll be bearing the child of the man I love in my tummy and raise him/her with tender loving care of a family. I know it will be a euphoric feeling. I’m sorry for those time when I keep on asking you to give me the man I’m going to marry, it was quiet a long time asking you; and you knew that I never got tired of waiting for him, I was very patient right? You give this person to me in the most perfect and right time, he was worth the wait Lord, thank you.

I have been praying and asking you for this day and it did came true so I solemnly vow to cherish and love this person, my husband, until you permits me to. And for you my Mr. Right, I wholeheartedly vow this to you from the moment you accepted me since day one and let the Lord be our witness on this blessed day. All my life I’ve been struggling and surviving in this world but this time I will not be alone, for I have you and we will work things out together.

I love you from the bottom of my hypothalamus, that’s my scientific love for you but seriously, I vow to love you now and for the rest of our lives for you are mine and I am yours.

(this vow that i made was my assignment from our class)


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