sometimes you just have to wait


Why are we so afraid of waiting, so fearful of taking time – of allowing days to be completed, and months to run into years. Why are we so hell bent on getting to what’s next, what’s coming, what’s ahead – instead of embracing what’s right in front of us? Why are we so caught up in chasing what we could have, instead of appreciating what is ours? We long for relationships, for marriage, for the next best thing – for someone to look at us and say their I do’s and their forevers. We smash down doors that are locked for our own protection, self preservation and preparation, all for the mere desire to get ahead, to win the race, to score the prize. We put tomorrow on a pedestal and leave today in the dirt – forgetting that today was once our tomorrow and our tomorrow will soon be our today, meaning every day becomes lost. When did we decide that this very moment was insufficient to be celebrated? When did we conclude that todays purpose was to yearn for tomorrow? When did we decide that royalty is no longer something we believe we are, but merely something we see on television? What happened to us? We used to dream in vivid colours – colours so bright that the world could not deny we lived for something greater. Yet here we are, chasing partnership like our lungs chase oxygen, forgetting all the while that time was designed for a purpose greater than to describe the distance between one point of life to another. It was designed to be lived in fullness. Designed not to be rushed nor dragged, but to be embraced and experienced. We need to live in the potential of today, rather than the possibility of tomorrow. Dream for bigger things by all means, little dreamer… But do not rush today, don’t lose face. Here, now – it holds beauty for you too. Give time the chance it deserves. –


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