A Pink Atmosphere


When i say pink atmosphere there’s only one that comes to my mind… Japan. And yes its the cherry blossoms or mostly known as sakura. I fell in love with the country because of its rich culture, food, people, places and everything about Japan, and of course anime and manga. I am a proud otaku and met many amazing people because of being one ^^

Cherry blossoms are my favorites when it comes to trees. Because of its pink atmosphere when the petals are blown by the wind or by just being on its place. It gives me an exciting feeling yet calm, i don’t know how to describe it though since i’ve never seen one… or more likely I’ve never been to Japan. It’s always been in my bucketlist (#1 actually) and i promised myself that when i manage to get there it will be because of my hardwork and the urge on going there…

I don’t know when but soon!


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